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Ever since the UIGEA has been passed in 2006, poker has had a much more difficult time staying legal in most American states. Take Colorado for example: there is legalized gambling there in some of the old mining towns and in the native casinos, but real money gambling is forbidden in most of the state and consequently in the greater Denver metropolitan area as well.

Poker players were forced to adapt and find ways to keep playing and keep it all legal in the same time. Home poker games were the obvious solution to the problem, and soon companies have emerged to organize such legal bar-poker and home-poker events. They are forbidden to accept buyins, or even to provide preferential seating for those who are club members or contribute to the club by any means. Still, there are prizes awarded for winners, and bar-poker has taken off huge lately.

An interesting side effect of the aforementioned turn of events was the sudden growth poker supplies companies have experienced. Naturally, whenever there's a home or bar game organized, people will not settle for playing with match sticks or who knows what other household item. Poker chips are needed, tables are needed and pretty much everything else one would expect to find in a regular card-room, to round up the experience.

Since many smaller establishments benefit from these bar-poker games, it fast became a necessity for them to purchase such equipment.

Because online poker for real money is also pretty much banned, these bar poker games have grown to attract huge crowds of players who used to stay home before. No wonder the request for gaming and casino supplies has skyrocketed.

Fortunately wherever there's a need for something, supply doesn't lag far behind. Companies like American Gaming Supply provide poker and casino equipment for just about every occasion you can think of. Whether it's a quickly thrown together bar-poker tourney or a regularly held casino-theme company party, American Gaming Supply is sure to have just what you need on store.

From foldable poker tables for those quick ad-hoc home games, to pedestal tables and furniture tables, they have them all.

Each and every one of these table-types comes in a variety of styles and colors enough to satisfy every taste.

AGS also offers poker table tops (for those who really only come together once every week for a home game) poker chips, chip sets, card covers, playing cards, carousels and you-name-it.

They also offer custom poker chips, which not only make a great gift but they're also special for your own home games.

Now, I know there are a bunch of suppliers of such equipment both online and offline, and prices do tend to run pretty high for these items.

"The thing that surprised me most at American Gaming Supply, was the fact that their prices were actually reasonable. I came across their site looking for a table cover, but I think I'll get a fold-up table instead"

If you're looking for a good price/quality ratio AGS is where you should check!

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