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There are two types of dart tips - steel or soft (SEE BELOW). Steel-tipped darts are used with traditional English Sisal dartboards and soft-tipped darts are used with today’s electronic games and plastic dartboards.

The shaft provides the proper spacing between the flight and the barrel. Shafts are manufactured from a number of different materials (including nylon, aluminum and polycarbonate) in varying lengths. Choose a shaft which allows a comfortable feel and a smooth, flat trajectory. To minimize “wobble” or “cork-screwing,” select the shortest shaft that is comfortable for you.



Varying widely in weight, length, grip and diameter, the barrel of a dart should be chosen to match your style of grip and throw. Barrels are generally made of brass, nickel/silver or tungsten. Brass and nickel/silver are less expensive than tungsten, but tend to be wider in circumference. Tungsten barrels offer the advantage of a much slimmer dart, which can yield closer groupings.

Flights are available in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. A player’s speed of throw should determine what style of flight will work best. Experiment with different flight shapes until you find the one that works best for you. Flights are a counterbalance to the barrel.
Consider slim for soft-tip which are the lighter weighted darts.

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