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Poker Hoody Neoprene Playing Surface 50" Round - RED with Logo

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Item Number: AGS-Hoody50
Your Price: $59.99
Competitor Price: $89.50

Product Description

Poker Hoody Table Top for Round Tables

  • All in one premium card playing surface

  • Provides a padded, speed surface for your home card game.

  • Stretches to fit tables like a glove.

  • Cards Glide smoothly on the reversible card surface.

  • Chips bounce quietly thanks to the padded table protection.

  • Machine washable and fits 32"- 46" tables.

  • Also Available : Red with Logo/Reversible to Green/No Logo / Please call 2132282447 for availability - ONLY 1 unit left


To use: Remove from packaging, unfold/unroll and place over table. Tighten the hem using the shock cord and wheel lock. While tightening, carefully slide hem around bungee cord to prevent bunching.  You can have a lot of excess bungee after you tighten the first time. You can trim off some excess bungee (re-tie knot below wheel lock).  Leave enough to loosen later or fit larger tables. You can also connect the two bungee cords under the table for a tighter fit on long tables. (see pics below)

Tip: Pull one cord at a time; parallel to the table's edge in the same direction of the hem, not against the hole edges. Use the cupped hem to "catch" the edges of the table. Do not overstretch.

Depicted below is the right way to stretch the cord

Right way! Pull in the Direction of the Hem

Depicted below is the wrong way to stretch the cord!!

WRONG WAY!! Cord will not be taut enough for the Hoody to fit like a glove on your table!!

Extra Bungee after first tightening

Connecting Bungee Cords under your table

Some Poker Hoodys are shipped "untightened" for packaging purposes. You may trim the bungee cord after tightening, but leave some extra and tie a knot below the wheel lock. Loosing the bungee cord into the hem is no fun, but it is fixable. Kinda similar to dropping your ring into the sink drain; you know what to do, just isn't any fun.

Great for cards & other games + protects your table.  Poker Hoody is machine washable and air dries quickly.  Store loosely folded/rolled.  Poker Hoody accommodates variable table shapes, but best fit is achieved on tables that are a similar shape & size.


Will the Poker Hoody fit my smaller table? What About octagonals?    

Yes, the Poker Hoody will fit tables much smaller than their total size; up to the total size, depending on table thickness. Larger tables can easily be 2-3" thick. So we manufacture our covers to accommodate a broad range of sizes and thickness.  The stretch neoprene also conforms very nicely to each tables unique shape.  Round covers fit octagons, hexagons and many other shapes. Rectangular Poker Hoodys fit ovals and oddly shaped rectangles. One customer use his to cover a surf board table.

Best Way to Clean?  Poker Hoodys are machine washable, but usually clean up great with a wet sponge or wash cloth and some mild strokes to wet and then soak up the dirt. After a rough night of spills and powdered donuts (LOL) just throw it in the wash and air dry; then stretch over your table to allow the wrinkles to fade.  Poker Hoodys clean up amazingly well.

Bungee Cord broke or shot up into the hem..?  Oops..!Dont worry your Poker Hoody is not lost. Although your gonna have some fun for the next few minutes before your game gets started.  If you've lost the bungee cord inside the hem, pull it out all the way. Your going to have to re-install the bunge and wheel lock.  During manufacturing the bungee is sewn into the hem. You will need a thin wire fish tape or hanger (blunted tip/hook shape) to complete this repair.  Two button holes are placed on all Poker Hoodys, except the 50" round.  Carefully slide the wire/fish tape through one button hole to the next and then attach the bungee to the wire's end.  Attach bungee to wire by "fish hooking" the ends together and using electrical tape to bind.  That way your thickest point is two pieces bungee thick + a little thin tape.  You cannot tie a knot; it wont fit through the hem's cavity, when you pull it thru.  Pull through, carefully working the hem around the bulky section where the bungee is attached to the wire.  Repeat for second half of Poker Hoody if both pieces of bungee came out.  TIE A KNOT in the end and re-attach wheel lock..!

Can't tighten down to my table? Pic above.Make sure you pull the bungee cord out of the hole in the direction of the hem and table's edge, not back against the holes edge. Pulling too hard against the hole in the wrong direction can damage the neoprene, but generally its pretty tough stuff.  You may also need to pinch the bungee beneath the wheel lock so the cord is grabbed by the wheel lock's teeth.  A soft once over loop knot can be used beneath the wheel lock.  Do not over tighten or double tie knot. 

Wrinkles..?  Neoprene can hold wrinkles after compression or folding. Try to avoid heavy compression or folding then crushing under boxes, etc.  Packaging wrinkles fade once the Poker Hoody is tightened down and allowed to breath. Avoid crumpling and crushing to maintain smoothness. Many folks just leave the reversible Poker Hoodys on their table and use it as a pad beneath their dining table linens. Thats the best place to store. The longer you leave it on the smoother it looks.  Leave it on year round.

What's the best way to store my Poker Hoody?  A lot of people just leave them on their table and put on a table cloth.  Poker Hoodys make great table pads.  If you choose to store your poker Hoody, roll it up from end to end, leaving the main play area in a flat roll, reducing any wrinkles from storage compression.  You can also fold loosely and store.

My Poker Hoody got a cigarette hole in it; Can I Fix It?  Yes, you can repair this hole.  You will need neoprene repair glue (outdoor/kayak stores carry this) and masking tape to complete this repair.  Place masking tape (3M blue painters tape pref.) on smooth/play side of Poker Hoody over the hole.  Flip Poker Hoody over. Apply repair glue into cavity where repair is needed smoothing with plastic putty knife.  Leave the Poker Hoody laying flat while glue dries.  Remove tape.  The glue will dry in form with the tape and holes edges, leaving a smooth top.  Similar to pouring a plaster cast.  This does not provide a cosmetic repair, but assists in water proofing and preventing spread of damage.  Some holes should be trimmed/die cut to provide a clean neoprene edge for glue to bind, especially cigarrete holes.  Glue sets up as part of the neoprene sheet and attaches to hole's edges. 

Is my Poker Hoody waterproof?  Poker Hoodys are waterproof and will protect your table from most spills.  They even float. Stretch one over a PVC tube frame and play cards in the pool..!  Make sure to use plastic cards. (not a floatation device)

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