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Pot-Limit & No-Limit Poker by Bob Ciaffone

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This book explains the proper concepts and strategies used for playing pot-limit and no-limit poker as given by two top-flight professional players. The forms of poker commonly played at this type of betting structure are thoroughly discussed. These include holdem Omaha seven-card stud and several varieties of lowball. The three basic types of straight high high-low split and low are all covered.

The vast majority of top-level poker players prefer pot-limit and no-limit poker. There is greater opportunity to obtain a nice result through the exercise of skill because good decisions offer a greater reward and bad decisions invoke a more severe penalty. There is much more that a good player can do to triumph over weaker opponents. Even though many of these stronger players actually spend more time playing limit poker this is only because those games often are more readily available and the caliber of opposition weaker.

But until now there has been very little material available to a player interested in big-bet poker (our name for pot-limit and no-limit betting). The wealth of information within this book radically changes this situation. Many strategies used by the top players are revealed for the first time in these pages. Frankly it will be very hard for a player who has not read this book to compete successfully against those who have profited by reading it. We hope that big-bet poker will undergo a new surge of popularity as a result of our efforts.

If you are going to try and popularize a form of poker it is necessary to tell people how to play it properly. Revealing important information reduces the advantage of the good player but at least he will have a game to play in. When you slaughter people practically every time they play they are not going to stick around. On balance we feel we are doing the better players a favor by promoting big-bet poker.

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